Aligned with our planet

The Passivhaus building standard denotes a much higher rating than class A; it is more environmentally responsible, which in turn has a positive effect on people’s lifestyles.

This style is increasingly healthy. At Grupo LOBE we care about health and so our homes are equipped with a ventilation system with heat recovery that provides a constant flow of clean air, guaranteeing optimal oxygen levels in our homes at all times.

Grupo LOBE has its own management model that, in terms of quality, innovation and technological development, goes beyond the classic concept of marketing, promoting and building activities, providing great added value to our land portfolio development.

The EU Sustainable Development Goals seek to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030.

Eradicating poverty in all of its forms is still one of the main challenges that humanity faces.Read More

Guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting well-being at all ages is essential for sustainable development.Read More

Education permits upward socio-economic mobility and is key to escaping from poverty.Read More

At Grupo LOBE we champion equal rights within the company, and we apply this policy to our selection processes while also encouraging gender equality in the professional development of women and men. 32% of our employees are women.Read More

Grupo LOBE works to build 2,076 Passivhaus-certified homes, which represents a saving of 71,600 tons of CO2/year. Ventilation systems with heat recovery provide a constant flow of clean air, guaranteeing optimal oxygen levels in homes at all times and avoiding the entry of polluted air from outside.

Workplace health and safety is not just about preventing accidents and occupational diseases, but also about identifying possible workplace hazards and applying adequate measures of prevention and control.Read More

Encouraging our suppliers to help us implement industrialisation in our buildings to leverage the advantages this production system affords over the traditional one. New flexible organisational structures geared towards results with the emphasis on customer-orientation and teamwork.

Measures for balancing work and family life reduce inequalities. Grupo LOBE encourages employees to seek a balance between work and family life by adapting and reducing the working day if required. This is one of the company’s differentiating traits and a motivator for employees.

We build to the Passivhaus standard that is higher than class A, more environmentally and economically responsible and complies with more stringent requirements than those of nearly zero energy building (NZEB), which are mandatory from 2021 onwards.

Grupo LOBE is committed to reducing the ecological footprint by making changes in production methods and the consumption of goods and resources. Our Consumption Reduction Policy not only applies to building homes but also to the use of plastics, paper, washable masks…Read More

Aligned with sustainability, our commitments and strategies are geared towards meeting the SDGs of the Agenda 2030. We have the most important sustainable building strategy in the country. We position ourselves as part of the solution to the climate problem and to ensuring a cleaner, more sustainable future.Read More

This goal is aimed at strengthening the World Alliance for Sustainable Development, mobilising and exchanging knowledge, technical capacity, technology, and financial resources to reach the objectives of the global agenda in all countries, in particular, in developing countries.Read More

Grupo Lobe y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible Agenda 2030